Fall Harvest + Gratitude

In autumn, as the air cools and the leaves begin to fall, the bounty of the harvest season reminds us to celebrate the year's work. It's also a time for contemplation and tucking in after the rush to enjoy summer to its fullest.

Sunday suppers with family are one of our favorite ways to celebrate the fall and harvest season. Spending this quality time with our loved ones helps us to reflect on all the relationships we've tended and grown into fullness. It also provides the perfect opportunity to relish the delicious bounty of the season.

family dinner.jpeg

Please make time to visit the farmers' markets, which are especially vibrant this time of year. Our favorite organic booth is Groundwork Organics, who can be found at four markets in the Portland area as well as several in Eugene and Bend. Their weekly harvest is always exciting and frequently surprising, and the producers are always happy to share recipes and ideas.

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Gathering in is a lovely way to meditate on gratitude. Simply take a few moments to pause and gather your thoughts about where you are right now, what path you're on, and what you're thankful for. Unwinding at the end of the day with a cup of tea by the fire, or joining a friend for quiet conversation are several simple ways to settle into the season.

With the darker evenings and shorter days, it can be challenging to find ways to stay occupied indoors. One of our favorite ways to embrace the moodier weather is to light a few candles in the evening and play a game of cards by candlelight. The warm glow and flicker creates an intimate, yet celebratory atmosphere.

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Extend the season and bring fall color into your home with found foliage from your gardens, woodlands, and beyond. With fall-blooming Japanese anemones and dahlias still going strong, a hand-gathered bouquet is a simple way to feel that summer is not yet too distant a memory.