Founded by award-winning designer Shannon Baird in 1991, S. Baird Design is a Portland-based boutique firm serving the world, practicing internationally and grounded in love. 


Our practice is shaped by a respect and appreciation for the diverse styles of architecture and design coupled with a simple, clean, and refined aesthetic. We strive to achieve a functional and pleasing balance of historic, modern, and thoughtful design in our work. Grounded in the belief that service + trust are essential, it is our mission to create successful projects resulting in lasting relationships with all of our clients. 



Anna Carmel

Associate Designer

Anna is a rehabber and a remodeler with a BFA in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Learning by doing has given her the appreciation for the skill and hard work of the building trades. This respect guides her to make smart, thoughtful designs but most importantly to understand how construction methods complement best within design aesthetic.

An avid traveler and photographer, Anna's inspiration comes from the exposure to various cultures and modes of living both abroad and in the United States. Anna joined S. Baird Design in early 2013.


Shannon Baird

Principal Designer, Founder

Shannon Baird is known for having a highly refined design sense for colors and interiors that seamlessly blends both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

As principal and owner of S. Baird Design, she has 25 over years of experience working in both commercial and residential design. Her extensive background in real estate, project management, color, and urban living make her an invaluable asset in any design process. Shannon is a licensed real estate broker in Oregon.

Shannon is recipient of the Elizabeth Potter award from the State of Oregon Historic Preservation Office for work in restoration, remodeling, and design in residential homes and commercial buildings in Oregon and nationally.




Ethereal. I once used the word "ethereal" to describe S. Baird Design's influence over our kitchen remodel. Then I looked it up. "Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.  Even better.                                               Karim, client and fan

Working with Shannon was complete and utter joy.  She helped with all the design elements within the space, from lighting, to furniture, to all the finishes including tile, paint, hardware etc. What would have been an extremely challenging and stressful process instead turned into the most enjoyable part of the project.  She was always available when I needed her, and I appreciated the speed at which she got things done. I value her design skills tremendously and I especially value the friendship that has come out of working together.  I cannot imagine doing a future project without her input. 

- A.G.

Shannon and Anna were amazing in helping us design and finish our new home! They presented us with inspiring options, helped us make wise choices, and made sure that the work was done properly. We bought our home while it was still being built, so we had the opportunity to basically remodel our house before it was finished. Shannon and Anna made this process quick and easy for us (even though we were living out of state most of the time). They stayed in close contact with us, and were patient and professional with our questions and ideas. And the results are beautiful. Thank you, Shannon and Anna!
- Paul and Emi Gilbert

Shannon and Anna are truly wonderful. They helped my husband and I with a remodel design for our basement. They spoke with us about our needs and wants for the space, took all the measurements and returned with a thoughtful and comprehensive design plan. Working in real estate I know how important layout and design are when considering a remodel, since too many remodels can feel out of touch with the rest of the home or just uncomfortable. After reviewing our design plan in depth we couldn't find single thing we wanted to change, it was perfect.        - Beth Bonita-Ireland

I have had the pleasure of working with Shannon Baird on several occasions, including assisting in the design of my kitchen/family room, interior and exterior paint color selections, and smaller projects such as decor/window treatments. In each instance I found Shannon to be creative, responsive, and carefully attuned to our lifestyle, attitudes and budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Shannon to someone looking for assistance with their home.
- Courtney

At Envi Construction, we have high standards for what constitutes a great designer. We have found over the years that Shannon Baird and her crew at S Baird Design provide solutions that are beautiful and timeless. The designs are tailored for each client’s needs and taste, which shows a wide range of completed work. In addition to beautiful design, Shannon’s project management services are a great benefit that keeps our jobs on schedule. Her experience and knowledge of construction is useful for providing solutions to challenging situations.
- Tim Cook, General Contractor

Thank you Shannon for your design and development support with our Gorge town home project. You bring a level of sophistication and detail to each project and its really makes our homes stand out.  Clients just love the results and appreciate the attention to detail and modern design.  - Developer, White Salmon Townhouses

After significant contemplation, we decided to remodel our 1920's Bungalow with three guiding principles: retain and restore period style, make efficient use of space and maintain a light interior. From the first conversation with Shannon, we knew she would be the right partner to support us on the journey and help us achieve our vision. Her calm, professional communications style, attentive and curious questions and energizing ideas won us over.  Throughout the project Shannon and Anna were caring, patient, steady, reliable and trusted consultants and intermediaries, as needed, to translate ideas to our contractor. All whilst maintaining a positive and encouraging energy. It is gratifying to own a piece of history that has been returned it to its former beauty, we carry deep gratitude to Shannon and Anna, for bringing equal balance of expertise, passion and heart to our home remodel project. 
- homeowners of 'Jewelbox Bungalow'

Wanna try something fun?  Ask Shannon Baird what kind of kitchen faucet you should use and sit back while she rattles off three great options off the top of her head. Or ask her if there’s a more affordable option for that ridiculously expensive but beautiful Design Within Reach table lamp you’re coveting. Or tell her how you’re thinking about using bamboo floors and remember that she installed some in a house ten years ago. She’ll tell you how they held up, what has changed in bamboo flooring since then and why you should choose one manufacturer over another. If you live in New York like me, she’ll do it over the phone with the delicate sounds of a Stumptown latte being made in the background!
Basically, what I’m saying is, Shannon has been at it so long that you get to benefit from the confidence and experience that makes her job appear (and feel) effortless.
- Pete

Just wanted to give you an update on our house  post-color-consultation. We painted the outside the colors you recommended and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. OMG do I love the rest of the house (with all new interior colors). The ‘constellation room’ turned out beautifully. It changed the feel of the room entirely. You did an amazing job - my family loved all of the colors and my friends have all loved them as well. Thank you!!!!! Well done, Color Queen…well done.
- Sue


It is always a pleasure to work with Shannon. She deeply understands our design aesthetics, has amazing taste, and an extensive list of resources. Shannon is extremely efficient and detail oriented. I admired how well she keeps up with current trends and balances those with more classic elements. Everything Shannon helps us with turns out to be stunning, she truly a design saint! - Tricia

In designing our guest house, we had to balance our vision of creating a modern living space with the strict guidelines of the Irvington historic district, and the idiosyncrasies of a 1904 Craftsman. This was not a remodel, but a reimagination. Working with Shannon and Anna was a pleasure and an inspiring shared journey.
- Nathan

Working with Shannon and her team was essential for our kitchen remodeling project. We had vague notions of what we wanted but lacked the means to truly conceptualize all that was needed including what was within out budget. There were just too many elements to deal with. Then… Shannon and team to the rescue.
Shannon helped us with everything from the creation of the overall vision to the smallest details, and as we all know there are many devils in those details. She is an excellent listener with a deep knowledge of what is available, suitable and possible. There is a universe of options and having Shannon as our guide through all of that was well worth the investment.  
Finally, we are absolutely delighted with our new kitchen and we would highly recommend Shannon and team, and we would not hesitate to work with her again on future projects.
- Aisha Harley and Larry Spilberg

Good design is inspiring, but the art and science of great design creates a life-changing and soul-shaking impact. Shannon Baird, Anna Carmel and the team at S Baird Design are truly great designers and artists; the spaces they grace are changed not only by their hands and minds, but with the loving intention they infuse into each perfectly executed detail. Shannon, Anna and the team know that each client is an individual soul with distinct needs, and whether they're designing and branding complex commercial spaces, crafting custom solutions for residential customers, or offering spot-on color consultation services, it's all done with vision, class, empathy and impeccable style. When you're in an S Baird Design space, you feel it -- everything is right, calm, centered; both alive and balanced. Anyone who is lucky enough to get to work with S Baird Design is fortunate, indeed. 
- Joan LeMay, Fifth House Interiors, NYC