10 Easy Pieces to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathrooms: they’re usually the smallest rooms in the house, but we all spend a lot of time there. Yet when it comes to accessorizing, they often get overlooked. We’d like to change that! We think the bathroom is worthy of careful consideration. After all, it’s the room where much of our daily routine takes place – from all the ways we have of getting clean and making ourselves ready for the day, to winding down with a hot shower and preparing oneself for bed. It's also where we're aware of feeling our most vulnerable. To make even the tiniest bathroom feel welcoming and luxurious, here are ten of our favorite tips and accessories for every bathroom.

swing lid.jpeg

Swing lid wastebasket

A good wastebasket is one that hides what's inside. We like the simplicity of this bin for the bathroom. There are no hinges or pedals to break and no clunky plastic liners to remove, just a nicely weighted and balanced angled lid that swings on a dowel set into a notch.

Hammam towels aka Turkish bath towels

We highly encourage friends and clients to use these as hand towels in the bathroom. Originally designed centuries ago for use in Roman and Middle Eastern bathhouses that were very wet and very hot, Turkish bath towels are lightweight and wonderfully absorbent. They're also incredibly fast drying: if you use a Hammam in your bathroom, you'll never have to dry your hands with a damp towel again.

Products with gorgeous labels

Australia currently owns the market on beautifully packaged and good smelling bath products. We don't know what their secret is, but we're happy they cracked the code.

Aesop is easily recognizable from our homes and design magazines. We won't wax poetic about it, other than to say that having this product in your bathroom will make you feel fancy.

Botanically-focused Grown Alchemist products have a big following and the chemist's-shop look is nearly identical to Aesop.

Thankyou is a brand that we've just become acquainted with. Originally founded in response to the world water crisis, 100% of their profits fund safe water, food, hygiene and sanitation services worldwide. Looks good in the bathroom and makes you feel good about displaying it -- a win-win.


Wooden bath mats or luxe cotton from Restoration Hardware: there are so many options for bath mats and we love these particular two for wildly different reasons. This very luxe white bath mat from RH is a dream to stand on when exiting the bath, soft and plush underfoot and incredibly absorbent.

The teak bath mat emits the warm scent of wood when in contact with water, creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom.


Nothing is less inviting than a poorly lit bathroom. Good illumination is essential for getting ready in the mirror and it can also make a space feel cleaner. Just make certain you have the brightest wattage bulb allowed for your light fixture, as well as the correct color spectrum. The equivalent of 100-80 watts and bright white or daylight bulbs are ideal. If you are handy, we always believe in dimmers in the bathroom for good mood lighting.


Shower curtain rings

Switching out your shower curtain rings is an easy way to give your bathroom an aesthetic and functional upgrade. Skip the plastic or decorative options: we prefer the elegant simplicity of rolling shower curtain rings. This little indulgence makes a big difference in the bathroom. Opening and closing the shower curtain becomes a smooth, streamlined movement. Make certain to get a metal that will not rust, like solid aluminum, brass or high-quality stainless steel.

Shower curtains

Now that you have nice rings, complete the package with a gorgeous curtain.

Co-created with abc carpet & home, the Eskayel shower curtains are a lovely option for decor that can be switched out seasonally.

If your bathroom is already busy with colorful paint and tile, then simplify the curtain and opt for a lightweight linen shower curtain. These Eileen Fisher curtains have a raw edge that adds a nice touch of wabi-sabi.


Keeping visual clutter to a minimum is the best way to keep a bathroom looking clean and organized. An easy way to accomplish this is to get rid of product packaging and store everyday items in clear containers. This keeps them easily accessible as well as visually appealing. Opt for traditional apothecary-style jars in a classic setting, or go modern with wooden lidded glass jars for a streamlined look.


Having lovely lightly scented candles on hand in the bathroom is essential for a myriad of reasons. When taking a bath to unwind, there's nothing like candlelight and a pleasing scent to set the mood for relaxation. We received this lidded candle from Matchstick Wax Co. as a gift, and it's a perfect example of what to look for in a bathroom candle. The lid prevents moisture from pooling in the container when not being used, the clear jar lends a soft glow, and a clean burning source (like soy or beeswax) will not add VOCs to your home.

Hanging plants - Kokedama

A kokedama "string garden" or moss planter is a lovely way to add texture, color and life into your space. Simply hang from the shower curtain rod or shower head, or install an S-hook on the ceiling. Choose a mist-loving plant like a staghorn or rabbit's foot fern: the humidity of the shower helps these plants thrive.

koke dama--air-plants-indoor-plants.jpg