Color Blocking

Design often starts with a conversation. Whether it's one between friends over a meal, with a client in their beloved space, or an unspoken interaction spanning years, design requires a good deal of listening, observing, and nurturing. Design as a craft made its way to us through a confluence of art and craftsmanship. As such, our process of searching for design inspiration often starts within an artistic environment. We seek a dialogue between motivation and intention and search for great designs that fit within their artistic and contextual framework that ultimately can be adapted to suit our clients' needs. 

Piet Para   Hotel Lost

Piet Para Hotel Lost

Kristin Texeira   Waiting for the day

Kristin Texeira Waiting for the day

Color Blocking is a creative device long used in the worlds of art and fashion that is experiencing a renaissance in the interior design realm. Typically it involves pairing a few solid colors to create one bold palette. The same effect can be achieved utilizing design elements such as textiles, flooring, furniture and plant life - an effect that can be applied on both interior and exterior environments.

Jean-Christophe Aumas   Parisian apartment

Jean-Christophe Aumas Parisian apartment

@douglasandbec   St. Mary's Showroom

@douglasandbec St. Mary's Showroom

Hayley Eichenbaum   Manicured Church

Hayley Eichenbaum Manicured Church

Chez Nina  C lub   created by India Mahdavi

Chez Nina Club created by India Mahdavi